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We are not accepting any applicants at this time, we apologize!

We may start up again in October 2024, please contact us then if you are still interested!

Enrollment Information

Our Mission:

Heritage Barber Institute forms independent professionals with a culture of excellence in the field of Barbering while providing students with the curriculum, theory, and practical experience to pass the examinations required by the Arizona State Board of Barbers to obtain the barber License and/or Barber Instructor License

Programs Available

Admission Requirements 

  • Complete and submit Enrollment Application 

  • Tour the school and meet with school personnel

  • Submit proof of age, high school credits, proof of legal status and 2 photos

  • Registration fee

  • Submit any transcripts (if applicable) 


These are the uniforms that every student is required to wear. We have a great system here at HBI where we track the students' progress through the color of their uniforms.

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